Currently, Product Man @ Razorpay

Solving cashflow challenges for Start-ups and SMEs.

About me

Mittul helps people & companies solve complex problems by helping them structure it and make their lives a little bit simpler & easier. By doing so, Mittul feels a sense of happiness & accomplishment and people feel a sense of warmth & composure.

Mittul is able to do so by being informed, his ability to look at the big picture and the minute details, find nuance, and the ability to empathize & communicate well with fellow human beings.

Mittul is fond of reading, writing, music, and design.

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The idea

The idea for the / now page comes from Derek Sivers .

He started the so-called “/ now page movement”. I liked the idea of having a place to talk about what you are currently working on right now. Here is my / now page, which I will update regularly.